Monday, December 5, 2011

C4K November

The first blog I commented on was one from Mrs. Yollis' room! She even found a way to use her blog when teaching math. There were example math problems that her students had helped to create on her blog and she asked teachers from all over the country to get their students to help contribute to the math problems on the blog as well. There was a comment from Wellford, SC (close to my old stomping grounds). The teacher and her students created math problems involving the state bird, a wren, the state tree, a palmetto, and other symbols that represent SC. I think this is a wonderfully interesting way to teach math. Math is such a hard subject to ignite interest in that these web tools are needed to initially motivate the students to want to learn.
The second blog I commented on was of a student in Australia named Kayden. I found it really interesting that I was commenting on his blog at 11PM on Sunday November, 20 and he already had a post up for November 21. This post was about some of his favorite name brands. His brands were Nike and Adidas, thus I concluded that he was interested in sports. The brands had very interesting drawings and used bright colors that went together in a funky fashion. I asked Kayden what types of sports he is interested in and if the colors in these pictures reflect his personality.
I am sad to see the comments for kids blog posts come to an end in EDM310, but that does not mean that they cannot be carried on of our own free will. I enjoy reading teacher's blogs and getting ideas for new lesson plans or resources to check out. I think we can all agree that over the past four months, these kids blogs have taught us just as much as the educators.
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