Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Report on my PLN

A book cover from taken from the EDM310 class blog.

Thus far, I have really enjoyed using EDM310 as my PLN. The lab assistants, Dr. Strange's Strange Thoughts, and the many educators that I have researched because of this class have made me a more curious learner and eager teacher. I swear that one day I will come to love Twitter! I'm not opposed to it. That's really not it. I just need to sit down for a good two or three hours (on a computer that moves faster than my grandmother) and learn how to really use it. I love all the links and contributions that some of the people I follow make, and I would really like to jump on board with that. I have found the educator's pln .ning to be extremely useful. There are quite a few authors and videos on there that are very thought provoking.
In conclusion, I have certainly learned the value of a PLN. I can't wait until I begin to use Twitter, or possibly some other social networking site and develop a list of people that I can actually hold conversation with to discuss the issues arising in my schoolwork, and soon my classroom.

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