Sunday, November 6, 2011

C4K #2

Kids crowding around a computer.

As always, I enjoyed the blogs and projects done by children over the past month of October. They are always creative and give a bit of insight into how teachers from around the world are using technology in the classroom and what benefits their children reap from it. In October I commented on Dylan's (of course I chose him because he shares my son's name) wikispace. First, I had to research a wikispace to find out exactly what that is, but I loved the fact that 3rd graders knew how to create something that a 25 year old didn't even know existed. Dylan's wikispace was an animated picture of himself with a skateboard, a dog, a cat, and a beautiful landscape. I could really tell a lot about his interests from his wikispace and he seemed to really enjoy creating it! I told him I enjoyed his creation and that I hoped he continued his love for animals as well as technology. I also commented on the New Zealand flag poll. The argument was between keeping the old flag or changing to a new flag that is black with the New Zealand fern leaf on it and New Zealand in text below the leaf. I chose to switch flags, simply because I think the fern leaf is pretty and it is a more distinct design than the original flag which people often confuse with Australia's. I also commented on Mariana's avatar. She made her avatar look a little bit like her and gave her avatar similar interests as her. Her avatar had binoculars, maps, and a compass. She loves animals, the outdoors, and adventure. I told her how I also love the outdoors and would love to see some of the animals that New Zealand has roaming the country. Next, I commented on Nate's animation of the Australian outback. He did a great job adding animals, such as dingoes, kangaroos, and koala bears to depict what the Australian outback looks like. His animals would run and climb trees. It was very interesting to watch and well thought out! This week, I commented on Mr. McClung's class that is learning how to write professional letters. I told him how impressed I was that his children were learning the proper form at an early age. This is a skill that can be carried on for years, as well as an effective and creative way to involve the community and students. I look forward to seeing what these children will accomplish throughout the year. It excites me to add these students and the many more we have connected with to my PLN because hopefully we all know children can be some of our most valuable learning tools.

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