Tuesday, November 8, 2011

C4K #10- Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog

Children of all different ethnic groups holding hands.

I have been following Mrs. Yollis on Twitter and following new links she posts almost everyday. She is a very inspiring woman who really seems to tear down some brick walls. I gained a lot of knowledge about the benefits of blogging for students, parents, and teachers while visiting her blog. I love her motto, "Learning and Sharing Together." This sounds like a beautiful classroom any child would be lucky to be in. I have recently read some comments of bloggers on a particular post that stated their concerns with internet collaboration becoming more encouraged and frequent than face to face collaboration. One thing I love about Mrs. Yollis' projects is the fact that they often work in groups which allows for face to face interaction while doing so technologically.
I love the fact that she has involved the parents in the blog as well. Her idea of a blog being an open house all year long is dead on and a very creative and intriguing way to describe it. I believe parents will be more inclined to interact with their students for many reasons. For one, it is easy for them to glance at the blog while at work and see previous work done by their child, or possibly get a heads up on a project. Also, on Mrs. Yollis' blog, there is a link to Mrs. Yollis' website which has games, homework pages, help for homework, and various other fun links for parents and children to enjoy together.
I especially loved Mrs. Yollis' video on how blogging is learning. It was amazing how well these children could enunciate their words and performed on camera. It's clear another skill being taught is confidence in front of an audience. I also liked seeing how well these students worked together and supported each other.
I loved her tab created for teachers who are interested in finding out how to blog also. This wiki was filled with tons of different resources that would be incredibly useful to teachers wondering if they should embark along the blogging adventure. Skeptics are likely to have their interest spark and their mind opened when they see that Mrs. Yollis' blog has had 72,000 plus visitors from around the world in just a year and a half. The EDM 310 class isn't failing miserably with our numbers; however, compared to Mrs. Yollis' class-well, we don't compare. Her blog is so entertaining, informative, creative, and inviting!

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  1. @ Mrs. Judd,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful assessment of my blogging journey and philosophy! I know your post is from last year, but I just stumbled upon it. I really appreciate your kind words, and I hope when you get your own class you will start in with educational blogging!

    Best of luck to you!

    Linda Yollis :-)