Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project #10 1st summary of My PLN

This is a globe showing the way Twitter can connect people to each other.

When I first heard of a PLN, I really thought it only applied to the neat layout we saw that intelligent 7th grader put together. Upon further investigation, I realized that everyone has a PLN whether they realize it or not. As wikipedia states, "a personal learning network consists of the people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from." While a personal learning network does not have to consist of just people, I believe it is very beneficial for educators specifically to surround themselves with others in the same field in order to derive new and exciting ideas on how to engage their students. Let's face it, making learning exciting for students is no walk in the park!
I am currently getting some very unique ideas from the student, class, and teacher blogs that I have been researching for this class. The class blogs with wikispaces, puzzles, videos, and many more interactive tools are becoming very useful resources for me. I am also enjoying Twitter. However, to be entirely honest, I feel as though I could obtain far more support and knowledge from Twitter if I devoted a bit more time to it. I also enjoy the Educator's PLN website. I have found many videos, lesson plans, and other educators here that I believe will continue to be a support group for me throughout me career. Google Docs (a tool I was just introduced to via this class) has become one of my most visited pages in order to store most of the documents received in my e-mail, as well as to keep up with my project due dates for EDM310. The EDM 310 class blog is another one of my most frequently visited pages. I have also been thinking of many ways that I could incorporate Timetoast into my lesson plans. I really enjoy the idea of an interactive time line that requires online research with links, and pictures.
My PLN differs greatly from when I first entered this class. I find it amazing how many tools and resources I have found that will help me in the future. I know that I will continue to enhance the tools I have already been given, investigate new ones, and hopefully contribute to other's personal learning environment as well.

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