Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

Not even out of diapers, and she can podcast! What does this say about our students?! We better get ready!

This is a baby wearing headphones and listening to her iPod.

I was very thankful to have this assignment and receive a little guidance on podcast/vodcast tutorials. I loved seeing all of the children interviewed genuinely enjoying learning through podcasting. Mr. Joe Dale has a video entitled "The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom." After watching this video, I had my pocast fire lit! I learned the many different ways children can put their creative abilities to use via podcasts. For example, children can create a play, interview, perform a battle reenactment (with reasonable props, of course), make a book report, etc.
This video demonstrates the wide variety of topics that children can choose to do a podcast on. Children could choose any topic, whether or not to make it a video, how to discuss their topic, or what props if any to use. These options give students a generous amount of freedom, but also a sense of accomplishment once they have finished doing a podcast on a topic they truly love. Along with assigning "freebie" podcast topics, students could also create podcasts to talk about the presidents of the United States, for instance. They could dress up or pretend to interview them from the grave. The children interviewed in Mr. Dale's video had wonderful, uplifting things to say about learning through podcasting. I liked the fact the children not only enjoyed learning by putting on the podcasts, but they also enjoyed listening to podcasts put on by teachers. The teachers read stories and acted out important events in history on a podcast. The whole classroom was enthralled.
I also enjoyed listening to the audiobooks done by first graders. Silvia Tolisano read her first grade students a series of books they became very interested in, The Magic Tree House Series. I love the fact that she created a podcast book report because this will allow these books to stand out in their minds. The children gave fantastic detail on the plot, and some who acted out scenes from the book did so very clearly and enthusiastically! It is so amazing what first graders can do when they're taken away from the daily grind. These types of videos are so inspiring!
From these videos I learned the difference in a vodcast and a podcast. I also got some great ideas for websites that have free software and coding programs. I especially love the creative podcast ideas given by other fellow educators. It is always refreshing to receive a little inspiration from others with similar interests in enhancing our future minds!


  1. Hi Frances,
    I agree that podcasting is a great tool. I wish my teachers used this approach during my high school days for the boring skits and assignments. This is a great way to grab the attention of your class. A higher participation level means higher grades... a great approach to learning!!

  2. Thoughtful. Well done. Your comments indicate these assignments helped prepare you for your podcast.